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CHAAN Design Therapy

Your Path to Wellness

CHAAN is inspired by water and stone referring to inner peace. The brand is established through art and craft providing humans with an escape from their fast-paced lifestyle and anxiety through decorative products and reflexology experience that transits a sense of calm and embrace serene atmospheres. 


Close To Nature

Chaan’s mission is to be a healing furniture that offers a therapy area to improve people’s mental and physical wellbeing for a healthier mind and body. We wish to connect people with nature even when they are in urban areas or when they are at home with no sign of green space. In the past, Thailand was known as the East Venice. Rivers and canals were used in agriculture and transportation, however they has been replaced by buildings. Our  concept design is ‘The Relaxology’ (relax+philosophy) that symbolizes the image of river flow.


'Jute' the main material used in all of our products is a local 'waste' commonly found in Thailand. One of our goal is to add value to local material as well as to conserve traditional production technique. 'The Relaxology' design represents a distinctive style of a Thai renowned artist, Thitiporn Channawangsa Ph.D., who have received various awards from her foot massage carpet, she is also Creative Innovation Director & Honorary Advisor for CHAAN.

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