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Calmness in a Busy World

In a fast-paced modern world, the day never seems to stop. Our lives are busier than ever which impacted us in both physical and mental health. CHAAN is established with passion to provide decorative products with reflexology experience to allow you to escape from your busy lifestyle and anxiety. Our goal is to be your therapy area, for your mental and physical well-being - a healthier body and mind. 

CHAAN is inspired by water and stone, referring to inner peace. We integrate traditional wisdom, local craftsmanship and natural materials to originate an authentic and timeless piece. Our signature weaving and coiling technique, natural jute and hand-picked river stone presents an uneven texture for wellness and reflexology massage. 

Feel the Tranquility and Rebalance your life with us. 


Chaan_Portrait_w (1).jpg



The 'Foot Massage Carpet', 'Spirit in nature Bloom Basket' and Thitiporn have won various awards including 

- Thai Creative of The Year 2012 in Handmade Products and Handicrafts from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, hosted by Office of Knowledge Management and Development 

- Designer of The Year 2009 Textile & Fabric Design 

- Design Excellence Award 2011 (Demark) Lifestyle Product Group, for "Foot Massage Carpet" 

- Good Design Award 2010 (G-Mark) for "Foot Massage Carpet" by Japan Institute of Design Promotion 

- Design Excellence Award 2011 (Demark) for "Spirit in nature Bloom Basket"

- Good Design Award 2010 (G-Mark) for "Spirit in nature Bloom Basket) by Japan Institute (JIDPO)

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